1 – Basic Sentence


Hello and welcome to the first lesson! My assumption is that you know some Vietnamese words and would like to build up your Vietnamese structure the good and healthy way. If you’re completely new, head over to my vocabulary recommendation and pick up some words first before we start.

With this site, I’m offering comprehensive and grammatically correct Vietnamese. There is English, and then there is bad English to learn from – teenager’s texting, for example: bad grammar, spelling errors, etc. Vietnamese is easier to learn than you think, if you learn it the right way first. After you know the proper structure, you surely can use Vietnamese however you like 🙂

(1) The basic sentence structure is: subject + verb + object

For the verb, we don’t conjugate anything – no past/present/future tense, no gender (male/female), no singular/plural form.

(2) To make a sentence negative, add không (no) after the subject, before the verb:

subject + không + verb + object

Regular sentences

Tôi uống cà phê
I drink coffee
Con chó đuổi con mèo
The dog chases the cat
Negative sentences
Tôi không uống cà phê
I don’t drink coffee
Con chó không đuổi con mèo
The dog doesn’t chase the cat

(3) Adjectives are used without the verb – to be – : subject + adjective

Negative sentences with adjectives are the same as with verb:

subject + không + adjective


Điện thoại tiện lợi
Telephone convenient
Điện báo không tiện lợi
Telegram not convenient

About the photo above: Vietnam is the largest rice exporter in the world (or second largest, depending on how well Thailand is exporting their rice :). Rice plays an important role in the economy and in culture. The routine of sowing rice, caring, and harvesting rice is deeply rooted into the Vietnamese calendar over hundreds, if not thousands of years. The Vietnamese use the lunar calendar instead of the Western solar calendar because the lunar calendar tells them when to start or harvest a rice crop. The Lunar New Year, for example, precipitates the beginning of that year’s new crop. On a random, unrelated note, I want you to know this

Tiếng Việt không khó

If you need to look up the words, Vdict.com is a great free online dictionary!

The photo was taken by cyborgwardt on Flickr. The original photo can be viewed here.


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  2. OMG, absolutely love your website. This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you sooooooooo much for creating this

  3. great! me, too 🙂
    I’ve been looking for a long time for a site like this for my friends who want to learn Vietnamese
    I couldn’t find it so I have to make up one 🙂

  4. I’m Vietnamese, I’d love to talk with you, hope that this Blog might help me can connect with you.

    “Tôi là người Việt Nam, tôi rất muốn giao lưu với các bạn, hy vọng rằng Blog này có thể giúp tôi có thể kết nối được với các bạn”

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