2 – Simple Question


Part 1. Do you do something? or Is something [adjective]?

Question: subject (+ có) + verb / adjective + không?

Answer: Có – Yes or Không – No

The word Không at the end of the question can be translated into “… or not?

Bạn hiểu không?
You understand  or not?
Có. Tôi hiểu
Yes. I understand
Không. Tôi không hiểu
No I don’t understand

Do you understand? Có (yes) – Không (no)


(1) Do not use vâng or dạ (Yes) to answer a Yes/No question.

You say Vâng or dạ (Yes) when you respectfully agree with someone(who is older or has more seniority).

(2) adjectives are used without the verb – to be

Phở ngon không?
Noodle tasty  or not?
Có (yes)
Không (no)

Is Phở tasty? Có (yes) – Không (no)


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