8 – Where? … ở đâu?


Also see # 25 “How far… cách bao xa?

To ask Where is something/someone?

Question: Subject + ở đâu?

Answer: Subject + ở + place/location

Trường Harvard ở đâu? Trường Harvard Boston
(School) Harvard is where? Harvard is in Boston
Tiệm kem ở đâu? Tiệm kem cạnh tiệm phở
Store/shop ice cream is where? Ice cream shop next to noodle shop

Where is the ice cream shop? The ice cream shop is next to the noodle restaurant

To ask Where do you do something?

Question: Subject + verb + ở đâu?

Answer: Subject + verb + ở + place

Anh ấy đi làm ở đâu? Anh ấy đi làm WordPress
He goes to work where? He goes to work at WordPress

Where does he work? WordPress

Note about the word  means “in”, “at”, “to be in/at a place” or “to live in/at a place”

Subject (+ verb) + ở + place

Tôi Sydney
I live in Sydney
Bảo tàng Louvre Pháp
The Louvre is in France

Note: there is an exception with “where are you going?”

Bạn đi đâu?
You go where?

Notice that (in) is not used in this case. Đâu by itself means where.

With “somebody + verb + đâu?” you’re asking “in where do you do that?”

When you want to ask “Where are you going (to)?” using (in) would be inappropriate.


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