10 – How do I learn Vietnamese? Let me count the ways…


How to do something: (subject) + Verb + object + như thế nào?

Anh làm nộm như thế nào?
You make salad chicken how?
How do you make chicken salad?

Ăn phở như thế nào? Dùng đũa thìa
Eat noodle how? Use chopsticks and spoon

How to eat Phở? Use chopsticks and spoon.

What is someone/something like (in term of quality & characteristics):

subject (+ verb) + như thế nào?

Angelina Jolie trông như thế nào? Cô ấy (trông) rất đẹp
looks how? She (looks) beautiful
How does Angelina Jolie look? (What does Angelina Jolie look like?) She (looks) beautiful
Quyển sách này như thế nào? Quyển sách này hay
Book this how? Book this good

How is this book? (What is this book like?) This book is good.


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