11 – How many Viet words do you know?


Use mấy when the quantity is small, bao nhiêu when the quantity is large. There is no distinction between countable and uncountable nouns.

How many …. How much… of something are/is in a place?

Question: Có + mấy / bao nhiêu + someone/something + verb + ở + place?

Answer: Có + number + someone/something

mấy cái điện thoại ở trên bàn? năm (5) cái điện thoại
There are how many telephones on the table? There are 5 telephones
mấy người ở trong nhà? bốn (4) người
There are how many people in the house? there are 4 people

How many… How much…  object does the subject have?

Question: Subject + có + mấy/bao nhiêu + object?

Answer: the quantity —- or —— subject + có + the quantity + object

Canada bao nhiêu người? Canada ba (3) mươi tư (4) triệu người
Canada has how many people? Canada has 34 million people
Bài thơ này bao nhiêu chữ? Bài thơ này 5,250 chữ
Poem this has how many words? Poem this has 5,250 words

How many people does Canada have? 34 million

This poem has how many words? 5,520


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