14 – Pronouns


Here we go, pronouns: See lesson 13 if you’re confused

Tôi I
Bạn You
Chúng ta, chúng tôi, bọn mình We
Họ, chúng nó They
Cụ ấy, ông ấy, bác ấy, chú ấy, anh ấy, em ấy He
Cụ ấy, bà ấy, bác ấy, cô ấy, chị ấy, em ấy She

ấy is added to some pronouns to create third person pronouns

This list is not comprehensive. There’re too many pronouns in Vietnamese and I can’t recall all of them right now. Let me know if you can help me with this.


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  2. Bọn mình means “we”
    It’s a more casual way to address everyone in the group (compared to chúng ta)
    If someone tells you “bọn mình … do something…”, that person includes you (the listener) in the action/sentence (as opposed to chúng tôi/bọn tôi which you, the listener, is not included in the sentence)

  3. You mention ‘bon toi’ in the previous response, but there’s nothing listed in your list with this. So now I’m very confused. Can you clarify the use of all three for ‘we’? Thanks. 🙂

  4. there are several ways to say “we” in Vietnamese, bọn tôi, bọn mình, bọn tao, chúng mình, tụi mình, chúng ta, chúng tôi, etc
    and specific conversations will also have their own “we” depending on whom “we” are (for example, 2 females can refer to themselves as “chị em mình”, “cô cháu mình” etc)

    For beginner it’s not practical to learn all of them at once in the beginning
    I think intermediate / advanced students can learn this later after they have enough vocab and grammar to understand the gist of a conversation

    Since I don’t have any advanced student right now, I don’t have plan to explain pronouns further, since the more I explain, the more confused my students get

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