15 – The Time Traveller – Past, Present, Future Tense


There is no need to conjugate any verb, just add one of đã, đang, sẽ, định, mới in front of the verb and you have the correct tense.

  • đã: past tense – subject +  đã + verb – someone did something
  • đang: present – subject + đang + verb – someone is doing something
  • sẽ: future – subject + sẽ + verb – someone will do something
  • định: someone plans to do something – subject + định + verb
  • mới: someone just did something – subject + mới + verb
    Tôi đã ăn cơm tối
    I did eat dinner
    Tôi đang học tiếng Việt
    I am studying Vietnamese
    Chị ấy sẽ đi chợ mua rau
    She will go to the supermarket to buy vegetables
    Ông định nghỉ hưu sớm
    He plans to retire early
    Kim Oanh mới đến Sydney
    Kim Oanh just arrived in Sydney

Vietnamese is not exact or strict about verb tense. A lot of times, đã, đang, and sẽ are dropped from the sentence if a time is specified like hôm qua (yesterday – past), ngày mai (tomorrow – future), năm sau(next year). For more time marker, see the last part of Lesson 9

Hôm qua trời mưa rất to
Yesterday the sky rained very heavy
Ngày mai trời nắng lắm
tomorrow the sky sunny very

Yesterday it rained very heavily.

Tomorrow it will be very sunny.

Asking questions: Subject + đã/đang/sẽ/định/mới + verb + object + gì vậy (what)?

You can replace gì vậy (what) with other question words such as ở đâu (where), bao giờ/khi nào (when), như thế nào (how), etc.

Anh đang làm gì vậy?
You currently do what?
Anh đang đọc email
I currently read email

What are you doing? I’m reading email.

Em định xem phim ở đâu?
You plan to watch movie where?
Em định xem phim rạp AMC
I plan to watch movie in

Where do you plan to watch movie? I plan to watch movie at AMC


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