16 – Very – quá, rất, lắm


Using quá, rất & lắm to emphasize something is very common in Vietnamese.

Very + adjective = adjective + lắm

Bông hoa này đẹp lắm
Flower this beautiful very

This flower is very beautiful

like/want something + very much = subject + verb + object + lắm

thích tập yoga lắm
She likes yoga very much

Rất is the same as lắm, but is placed before the adjective or verb: rất + adjective/verb

Mùa này mưa rất to
Season this rain very hard
Ông rất thích đánh tennis
He very much like playing tennis

This season, it rains very hard.

He likes playing tennis very much.

Quá is used to exlaim something, either very good, or very bad. It can be placed either before or after the adjective: adjective + quá or quá + adjective

Cái máy ảnh này bền quá
(classifier) camera this durable very
Đôi giầy kia đắt quá
Pair of shoes that expensive too

This camera is very durable!

That pair of shoes are too expensive!


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