18 – Cho – for someone – give someone something


To give someone something: subject + cho + someone + something

In a restaurant

Cho tôi hai (2) đĩa gỏi cuốn một (1) bát phở một (1) đĩa cơm rang
Give me 2 plates of spring roll 1 bowl of phở and 1 plate of fried rice

To do something for someone:

subject + verb + cho + person

Bố mua một con chó cho con trai
Dad buys a dog for (his) son

subject + verb + cho + someone + object

Chị đan cho em gái một cái khăn
She knits for (her) sister one (classifier) scarf

She knits a scarf for her younger sister.

To give someone something: subject + cho + someone + something

Prometheus cho con người ngọn lửa đầu tiên
Prometheus gave human fire first

Prometheus gave human the first fire.



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