19 – Comparison – more – most


Comparative adjectives: adjective + hơn

Sentence subject 1 is more [adjective] than subject 2:

Subject 1 + verb/adjective + hơn + subject 2

Sa mạc Sahara nóng hơn rừng Amazon
Desert Samara hot more forest Amazon

Sahara desert is hotter than the Amazon forest.

Madonna hát hay hơn Britney Spears
Madonna sings well more than Britney Spears

Madonna sings better than Britney Spears.

Superlative adjective: adjective + nhất

subject + là + noun + adjective + nhất

Himalaya núi cao nhất thế giới
Himalaya is mountain tall most in the world

Himalaya is the tallest mountain in the world

Subject + verb + adverb + nhất

Con rùa đi chậm nhất
The turtle moves slow most

The turtle moves the slowest


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