21 – Have you ever…? có … bao giờ chưa?


Also see # 29 “Chưa – yet – Rồi – already – then

Have you ever done something? 

Question: Subject + có/đã + verb + bao giờ chưa?

Answer: Rồi (yes/ already) or Chưa (no/not yet)

Em đã đi nhảy dù bao giờ chưa?
You did sky-dive ever?

Have you ever gone skydiving?

Question: Subject + có + bao giờ + verb + không? the meaning is the similar as above, but this is more towards if you ever do something small

Answer: (yes) or Không (no)

Anh bao giờ dậy muộn không?
You ever wake up late ?

Have you ever woken up late?

Subject + chưa bao giờ + verb: you never did this yet (but you may do it some day)

Chị chưa bao giờ xem phim Casablanca
I (female) never watch movie Casablanca

I have never watched the movie Casablanca.

Subject + không bao giờ + verb: you never do this (because you choose to never do it)

Chú không bao giờ hút thuốc lá
I (male) never smoke cigarettes

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