29 – chưa – yet – rồi – already – then


Also see # 21 “Have you ever… ? Có… bao giờ chưa?

Use rồi (already) after a verb to express a past action (instead of đã + verb):

subject + verb + rồi

Chú đi về rồi
He returned already

Rồi also means then: subject + verb 1 + rồi + verb 2

Mẹ nấu ăn rồi rửa bát
mom cooks then washes dishes

Chưa can be used as yet in question:

Question: (Subject +) verb + chưa? (did you do something yet?)

It is very informal when you omit the subject and start the sentence with the verb
Answer: Rồi (yes, already) or Chưa (no, not yet)

Hiểu chưa? Hiểu rồi
Understand yet? Understand already

Do you understand yet? Yes (I understand already)

Anh Lương đã tới nơi chưa? Tới rồi
Anh Lương did arrive at the place yet? Arrived already

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