30 – about to do something – sắp… chưa?


Also see sẽ (will) and định (plan to, intend to) from # 15

To say that you’re about to do something (soon)

Subject + sắp + verb (+ object)

Anh sắp đi nghe hòa nhạc
I (male) about to go listen to concert

I’m about to go to a concert.

To ask if someone is about to do something:

Question: Subject + sắp + verb (+ object) + chưa?


Yes – Subject + sắp + verb (+ object) + rồi

No – Subject + chưa+ verb (+ object)

Chị sắp cưới chồng chưa?
You (female) about to marry husband yet?
Sắp rồi tháng sau chị cưới
Yes, about to month next I (female) marry

Are you getting married soon? Yes, I’m getting married next month.

Phim Avatar sắp chiếu chưa?
The movie Avatar about to be in theather yet?
Chưa, phim Avatar còn lâu mới chiếu
Not yet Avatar long time until to be in theater

Is (the movie) Avatar going to be in theater soon? No, it’s a long time until it’s in theater.

About the photo above: It was taken by my friend in Pu Dau, Vietnam. I have never been there, but it looks beautiful. Speaking of travel, I have a question for you

Bạn sắp đi du lịch chưa?

Leave a comment here to reply to the question (in Vietnamese, of course) !

You can see my friend’s original photo here on Flickr.


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