31 – There is… There are… Có…



There is … There are …

Có + noun (subject) + verb / adjective.

bốn phòng ngủ trong nhà tôi
there are 4 room sleep in house I

There are 4 bedrooms in my house.

một trăm người đi dự hội thảo
There are one hundred people go attend conference

There are 100 people who attend the conference.

Note: by itself means “to have”

Nhà tôi bốn phòng ngủ
House I has 4 room sleep

My house has 4 bedrooms

About the photo above: It was taken by a friend of mine at a school yard. In Vietnam, during big celebrations such as the beginning or ending of the school year (commencement), students from all grades and classes gather and sit on these chairs, listening to long, boring songs and speeches. Attendance is mandatory. And there’s something I want to tell you:

Trường học Việt Nam từ 300 đến 3000 học sinh

The original photo can be viewed here on Flickr.


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  1. I think it’s the same in Taiwan :)) I can
    Trường học ở Việt Nam có từ 300 đến 3000 học sinh
    school in VietNam has (don’t know what it is ) 3000 students?

  2. hehe, that’s what I thought.yayyy… I got it 90% right… Because the range is too big, I wasn’t sure. It’s similar to Chinese too. I can understand this structure. It’s not hard for me. I just need to remember 😛

  3. Toi thich site cua ban rat nhieu. Cam on cho su giup do cua ban. BTW Ban ten gi?

  4. This lesson needs to be moved up by several steps as you started to use ‘co’ (there is/has) long ago and I had no idea what you were refering to.

  5. Có has several usages which do not correspond precisely to English
    “There is/there are” is just an approximation of how these Vietnamese sentences get translated into English, and this one is not even the most common usage of có (the most common one is có… không?)
    the logic/syntax of Vietnamese language is different from English so don’t try to get a precise translation between them

    My friends and students only use my blog for review.
    My blog shouldn’t be used as a primary source to study Vietnamese if you were never exposed to the language
    If you’re teaching yourself and get confused often while reading my blog, use language textbooks which are written by professionals, get proofread, tested, and fact-checked carefully before publication. I only write during spare time and mostly don’t have time to test or triple check.

  6. “there isn’t anything on the table” trên bàn không có gì
    Anh có bao nhiêu tiền? How much money do you have?
    Nhà em có bao nhiêu người? How many people are there in your family?

    As you can see, có and its syntax doesn’t correspond precisely to English
    Also try vdict.com for example sentences

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