32 – Nouns – describe things with adjectives and nouns



In Vietnamese, to describe someone/something, you put the identifying characteristics after that person/thing. You can use adjective or noun to describe something.

object + adjective
object + noun
object + other characteristics

For example:

trời xanh mây trắng nắng vàng
sky blue cloud white sunshine yellow

Sports: soccer player

cầu thủ bóng đá
(sport team) player soccer

Job: heart surgeon

bác sĩ phẫu thuật tim
doctor surgery heart

1st year students at Hogwarts

học sinh năm một trường Hogwarts
student year 1 school Hogwarts


người Việt người Mỹ người Canada
people Vietnam people USA people Canada

Vietnamese, American, Canadian

In a simple sentence, subject + verb + object, you have
(subject + characteristics) + verb + (object + characteristics)

Cái xe này chạy tốt lắm
(classifier) car (vehicle) this run well very

This car runs very well.

Nhiều người Việt miền Tây nước Mỹ
Many people Vietnam live in region West country USA

Many Vietnamese live in the West of America (California, Portland OR, Seattle WA)

About the photo above: It’s a photo of my favorite breakfast food called xôi xéo (a Northern food made up of sticky rice, green bean and fried onion). It’s inexpensive and tasty. And here’s a question for you:

Món ăn yêu thích của bạn gì?

To reply, leave a comment here (in Vietnamese, of course) !

You can view my friend’s original photo here on Flickr.


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  2. Pizza la do an ua thich toi. O gan tat ca nguoi my thich an pizza 🙂 [Neu toi viet sai, ban xin giup toi. Cam on ban nhieu]

  3. If using Unikey, use the Telex method. You use mostly your left hand keys (asdf,wx) and a few right hand keys to add the tone/diacritical marks. Also, you can add the marks at the end of your word instead of at each vowel, thus saving you time and frustration.

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