Update: Weather


Hello everyone & weather greetings from the Northeast of the country (USA that is)!
Last week we had an earthquake.
Normally in my house, when a heavy truck passes by, everything vibrates side to side (the house has weak foundation). When it was an earthquake, my flower vase jumped up and down on the living room table. That was all the difference. No damage.
This week we are expecting Hurricane Irene. My city will be shutting down entirely tomorrow starting at noon. No flight in or out, no train, no bus. Nothing. Ta da. We have 3 bicycles. No car.
Hopefully there will still be electricity, but I’m not so sure since my street still use electricity poles for power supply and they may get knocked down by the strong wind.
Until then, as long as electricity and Internet exist, I can write a few more blog posts or spice up this website with some audio files (pronunciation/listening). If that fails, I have candles and lots of instant noodle.

P.S: Guess what the good news is:
(1) Last year the big tree on the pavement fell on my front yard. Now it has no trunk left to fall again.
(2) Also last year, I lived on the 27th floor with a magnificent skyline. This year, the government required anyone who lives above the 10th floor to evacuate 🙂


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