Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



Photo by Trang Le on Flickr

It’s Tết Trung thu (Mid-Autumn Festival) today where I live, and I have a bunch of moon cakes to go with it 🙂

Since my readers is all over the world, Tết Trung Thu was probably yesterday for some of you! For those of you who missed or are not familiar with it, here’s a dry explanation: Vietnam is an agricultural country –> agriculture depends on water –> water level is affected by the pull of the moon –> the Vietnamese farmers follow the Lunar calendar (instead of the Christian solar calendar) –> mid-autumn festival is on the 15th of August, which is a full moon –> rice crops are done –> people hang around and kids go out and play.

Traditionally, there is bánh trung thu – the moon cakes, chó bưởi – dogs made from grapefruit, cốm – green rice, and đèn lồng ông sao – 5 star lanterns.

Side note: I’m working on a structural website update. I’m slower than I think, but I know change is coming to the site for the better 🙂


Photo by sguitar04 on Flickr
Chó bưởi

Photo by Ngải Hạ on Flickr

Photo by bamboothuy on Flickr


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  1. hmn… they make it like a sculpture – the outer skin is used for support insideand then the inner is turned inside out in the shape of a dog, pinned to the support inside… and then use black bean or black jelly for nose and eyes

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