40 – Probably, perhaps – hình như, có lẽ, chắc


There are 3 words you can use to describe a possibility (probably, perhaps, maybe, it seems): hình như, có lẽ, chắc. You can put them at the beginning of a sentence or before the verb

Hình như / có lẽ / chắc + sentence (+ thì phải)

Subject + hình như / có lẽ / chắc + verb + object (+ thì phải)

hình như ngày mai trời mưa?
probably tomorrow sky rains?
it seems to be raining tomorrow?
nếu trời mưa thì có lẽ chúng mình phải hủy cuộc hẹn ngày mai
uh, if sky rain then maybe we have to cancel the meeting tomorrow
uh, if it rains then maybe we have to cancel the meeting tomorrow
Đừng lo, chắc trời không mưa đâu!
Don’t worry, probably sky not rain
Don’t worry! It may not rain.
You can add thì phải at the end of the sentence without affecting the meaning.
Anh Long hình như người Sài Gòn phải không?
(he) Long probably to be person Sài Gòn isn’t it?

Long is probably (a person) from Sài Gòn, isn’t he?

Không, anh ấy hình như người Long An thì phải
No he probably to be person Long An

No, he seems to be from Long An

You can also add after hình như, có lẽ, chắc without changing the meaning. In this case, is just a filler word (it doesn’t mean “to be”).

Chắc là chị ấy lỡ tàu nên giờ này vẫn chưa về đến nhà
Probably she miss the train so hour this still not return at home

She probably missed the train so she still hasn’t gotten home at this hour.


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  1. omgg thank you so much!!! this broadens my vietnamese speaking skills… and sadly, I’m Vietnamese!

    so “chắc” by itself means “probably”, and “chắc chắn” means “definitely”, right?

  2. Hi you,i was surprised when our Vietnamese language our country was interested in you, discuss as a core subject in schools, i am very moved, i’ll try to help you perfect your site.

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