41 – While reading this, I learn something useful – trong khi


During, while, when in Vietnamese: Trong khi 

The way you use these words is similar to the English counterpart: at the beginning of a sentence, or in the middle, between 2 sentences

Trong khi (while) + sentence 1 happens, sentence 2 also happens

Sentence 1 happens trong khi (while) sentence 2 also happens

Anh ấy dọn nhà trong khi em nấu cơm tối
He clean house while I cook rice evening
He cleans the house while I cook dinner
Trong khi ông đi du lịch, cây xoài nhà bị đổ
While he go travel tree mango at home got fallen

While he was travelling, the mango tree at home fell.

You can also use trong khi with a verb to indicate 2 actions happening at the same time.
Trong khi + action 1, subject + action 2
Subject + action 1 + trong khi + action 2
Trong khi xem phim, Lan bị mất
When watch movies Lan lost purse

While watching movies, Lan lost her purse

Bạn không được nghe điện thoại trong khi lái xe
You are not allowed to listen to the phone when drive vehicle (car)

You’re not allowed to listen to the phone when driving.


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  1. Now there’s something I didn’t know how to say! Thanks again for the postt!!
    Now that I learned this lesson, I tend to combine it with another phrase that I’m not able to say in Vietnamese.
    Let’s say a friend and I went to Best Buy and he bought a Sony TV. How would I say “You should have gotten the Samsung instead”? It’s the “should” part that I don’t know how to say in Vietnamese. For example, I don’t know how to say “You should breathe while you exercise.”

    Sorry for asking a little too much, but how would I say this in Vietnamese: “Do it now so you won’t have to do it later.” ?

  2. should is nên
    you put it before the verb just like the English “should”
    (1) bạn đáng lẽ (should have/instead) nên (should) mua cái TV Samsung”
    (2) bạn nên thở trong khi tập thể dục
    (3) làm cái đó bây giờ thì lát nữa không phải làm nữa

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