42 – Before & after you know this… trước khi, sau khi


Similar to trong khi (while, when), you can use trước khi (before) and sau khi (after) with a sentence or with a verb.

Trước khi / Sau khi + sentence 1 happens, sentence 2 happens

Sentence 1 happens trước khi / sau khi (while) sentence 2 happens

Anh ấy đi làm trước khi chị ấy về nhà
He go to work before she return home
He goes to work before she returns home
Sau khi trời mưa đường thường trơn dễ ngã
After the sky rain the road usually slippery and easy (to) fall/slip

After the rain, the road is usually slippery and easy (for people to) fall / slip.

You can also use trong khi with a verb to indicate 2 actions happening at the same time.
Trong khi + action 1, subject + action 2
Subject + action 1 + trong khi + action 2
Trước khi ra khỏi phòng anh nhớ tắt đèn
Before get out of room you (male) remember turn off light

Before getting out of your room, (you) remember to turn off the light!

Bác ấy đưa con đi học sau khi ăn sáng
He take the kid go to study after eat breakfast

He takes his kid to school after eating breakfast


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