25 Most Popular English Adjectives in Vietnamese


The list of English words is courtesy of Wikipedia. Translation is by yours truly, of course, and remember,

  1. the Vietnamese do not use “to be – là” in a sentence with adjective. They go “subject – adjective”
  2. to describe something with a Viet adjective, you put it after the subject: subject + adjective (not adjective + subject like in English)
good new first last long
tốt mới đầu tiên, thứ nhất cuối cùng dài
great little own other old
tuyệt vời ít của riêng mình khác (different), kia (other) già (old people), cũ (old things)
right big high different small
phải to cao khác nhỏ, bé
large next early young important
to, lớn, rộng tiếp theo sớm trẻ quan trọng
few public bad same able
ít công cộng dở, tệ, tồi giống nhau có khả năng
For specific and precise usage, consult with your local, friendly dictionary, or just use one online at vietdictionary.com or vdict.com .
Seahorse Viet is not responsible for any loss, damage, or liability incurred from usage of the above translation. Advice is on an as-is basis and does not replace professional counsel

Disclaimer: I read so many disclaimers lately that I feel compelled to write my own!


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  1. Thank you for doing the translation for the above words.
    Wikipedia isn’t always right and it helps to have someone go through these words to check for accuracy.
    I’ve heard the above-mentioned adjectives before but it helps me to see them in print as well!

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