Family Reunion


I’m starting a 5-part mini-series about family, covering pretty much all family members you can have in Vietnamese. However, for those of you who just need to know the basics, I made

this family chart

for you.

Fill it out and READ IT ALOUD at least 3 times: the family designation + the name of the person. For example: bố + your dad’s name, mẹ + your mom’s name. Read the whole chart aloud. Skip the family members that you don’t have.

The point of the exercise is to familiarize yourself with the Vietnamese word by affiliating those words to the appropriate person. For example, John is your older brother in English, then he’s your “anh John” in Vietnamese, Lee is your younger brother, then he’s “em Lee” etc.

After finishing the reading exercise, you’ll know how to call pretty much everyone in the family.

This is the chart that I filled out with my family info. From this chart, I’ll be reciting “bố Văn, mẹ Lan, em Kim, bác Tiến, bác Trâm, etc.”

For the few who need more specific info or reference, look forward to the upcoming posts. They will be very detailed.


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