similar, different – giống, khác


To say that things are similar to or different from one another, use:
Giống: similar
Giống nhau: similar to each other
Khác: different
Khác nhau: diffferent from each other

A giống / khác B
A và (and) B giống nhau / khác nhau
AB giống nhau / khác nhau ở [characteristics]

Con gái giống bố như đúc

The daughter is like a carbon copy of her father!

Anh em nhà Trung khác nhau nhiều lắm!
the brothers Trung’s family different from each other a lot very

The Trung brothers are very different from each other!

Cái túi này màu giống (màu) cái khăn kia
classifier bag this color similar to (color) classifier scarf that

This bag’s color is similar to that scarf’s (color).

Hai người đó khác nhau sở thích
2 people that different from each other at hobbies

Those 2 people differ from each other at their hobbies.

You can ask if 2 things are similar or different from each other:

A giống hay (or) khác B?

A B giống nhau hay (or) khác nhau?
A có giống B không?
A có khác B không?

Úc giống Mỹ không?
Live Australia similar to live US

Is living in Australia similar to living in the US?

Sếp của cậu khác sếp của tớ không?
Boss of you different from boss of I ?

Is your boss different from my boss?

Không, họ giống hệt nhau Cả hai ông đều keo kiệt như nhau
No they exactly the same All 2 guys both stingy same as each other

Nope, they’re exactly the same. Both guys are as stingy as one another.


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