46 – must do something first – đã


In a previous lesson, you can use đã + verb to indicate the past tense and phải + verb to say “have to do something”.
In this lesson, we’ll learn how to say that you must do something first (before doing something else) with … phải…. đã
Subject (+ phải) + verb (+ object) + đã
It is usually used together with nhưng (but)

Tôi muốn đi ăn tối bây giờ nhưng tôi phải làm xong việc đã
I want go eat evening now but I must work finish job first

I want to go get dinner now, but I have to finish work first.

Trước khi xin visa bạn phải khám sức khỏe đã
Before ask for visa you have to examine health first

Before applying for a visa, you need a health exam first.

Anh đi chèo thuyền không?
You (male) go row boat ?
Có, nhưng đợi anh đi mua nước đã
Yes, but wait I (male) go buy water first

Are you going rowing? Yes, but wait. I (need to) go buy water first.

Khoan đã! and Đợi đã! means “Wait!”
Từ từ! means “slow down!” or “hold on”
You will usually hear these phrases along with phải… đã…

Chúng ta đi bơi đi!
We go swim let’s
Từ từ, để anh khóa xe đã
Hold on allow I (male) lock car first

Let’s go swimming!
Hold on, let me lock the car first!


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