should have, instead of – đáng lẽ

Đáng lẽ is a little bit tricky to explain (and that’s why it’s intermediate level :))
It means “should have” or “instead of” with the implication that the thing that should have happened didn’t happen.
Đáng lẽ + subject (+ phải) + verb + object
Đáng lẽ + sentence 1, nhưng + sentence 2
Phải means “must” or “have to”
Nhưng means “but”
Đáng lẽ đôi giày này giá $50 nhưng hạ giá còn $25
Should pair shoes this price $50 but reduce price remain $25

This pair of shoes should have cost $50, but reduced price (sale) is only $25

Đáng lẽ giờ này Lan nhà nhưng hôm nay Lan đi chơi
Should hour this Lan at home but today Lan go play

Lan should have been at home at this hour, but today Lan goes out.

Đáng lẽ anh phải tắt máy điều hòa nhưng anh quên mất
Should he have to turn off machine air conditioning but he forgot

He should have turned off the A/C but he forgot.

Đáng lẽ anh không nên mua xe hơi không chỗ đậu xe
you (male) not should buy car because not have place park car

You should not have bought a car because there’s no parking.
Nên means “should” or “ought”


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