Casual Vietnamese: Questions With the Stars – sao?


Sao as a noun in Vietnamese means “a star.” For example, sao Bắc Đẩu is the North Star (Polaris), sao chổi is a comet (chổi is the broom – the tail of sao chổi looks like a broom :))

Sao also means a movie star, music star, etc.

ngôi sao điện ảnh / ca nhạc / giải trí
classifier for sao star movie / music / entertainment
ngôi sao bóng rổ / bóng chày / bóng đá
classifier star basketball / baseball / soccer
ngôi sao may mắn
classifier star lucky

And sao quả tạ means a star of very bad luck that weighs a ton. I hope you don’t see it today!

The real reason I put a whole post up about “sao” is because it’s a very handy word in conversational Vietnamese.

The following are short, simple questions with “sao” that you’ll find useful.

sao thế? or sao vậy? what’s happening?
[person’s name/pronoun] + có sao không? are you ok? (did anything bad happen to you?)
tại sao (lại) thế? or tại sao vậy? why is that?



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