48 – Unless in Vietnamese – trừ khi


To say “unless” in Vietnamese, you can use trừ khi or trừ phi. The usage is the same as “unless” in English.

Lan không bao giờ đi làm muộn trừ khi nhà việc đột xuất
Lan never go to work late unless family has emergency

Lan never goes to work late unless her family has an emergency

Chúng ta sẽ đi xe đạp trừ khi ai phản đối
We will go bike unless there is someone oppose

We will go by bike unless (there is) someone (who) disagrees

Tớ sẽ không kể chuyện này cho ai trừ khi cậu cho phép
I will not tell story this to anyone unless you give permission

I won’t tell anyone this unless you allow me to.


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  1. Very useful! I have another request; I was thinking if you can compile a lesson that has useful everyday phrases that English speakers use, such as “How would you feel if…..” or “Do you know what it’s like to…” or “I would rather…than..” or “You wanna piece of me?” or “Nevermind” or “I got an idea” or “I used to…”

    Those are just a few examples, but for now, can you help me say:
    “Do you know what it feels like to wake up and read a vulgar message from a dear cousin?”

  2. That’s a great idea!
    but there’re many useful colloquial phrases so it’ll take me awhile to compile a list of phrases
    let me know if you have other phrases you want to see translated 🙂

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