Is sầu riêng your favorite fruit?


I know that sầu riêng is banned on the train in Singapore. Take a look through these picture dictionary and find what I’m talking about. If you cannot see the images, please click here.

Did you figure out what sầu riêng is? It’s a rather bizarre fruit that can evoke some pretty strong emotions. Some people love it, while others throw up in its presence. The word appears in the last image, right above these lines 🙂
Which camp do you belong to? Lovers or haters? Or innocent neutral caught in the crossfire? Sầu riêng does make one mean throwing weapon.
Other note:
To say the name of a fruit in Vietnamese, you use a classfier quả (Northern) or trái (Southern) + the name of the fruit. Example: quả mận, trái măng cụt, etc.
The first 3 pages include fruits that are common. The last 2 pages include fruits that are common in Vietnam. You can download the PDF version below:

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  1. Hello, Just would like to know what is the favorite/most popular fruit for Vietnamese people?

  2. And right now, anti-Chinese sentiment is strong in Vietnam so no one buys Chinese-imported fruits 🙂 (even though I don’t see anything wrong with the fruits themselves)

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