No wonder pigs fly!


The closest the Vietnamese has to the English “if pigs fly” to expression disbelief is “thảo nào trời mưa” (no wonder it rains). To say “no wonder” in Vietnamese, you can use “thảo nào.” Its usage is the same as “no wonder” in English: put thảo nào at the beginning of a sentence.

Họ không phải là người Việt. Thảo nào họ không biết tiếng Việt
They are not people Viet No wonder they do not know Vietnamese

They’re not Vietnamese. No wonder they don’t speak Vietnamese.

ăn quá nhiều kẹo thảo nào hay bị sâu răng
He eat way too much sweets No wonder he often gets worm teeth

He eats way too much sweets. No wonder he often has cavity.

Sân bay Pháp đang đình công. Thảo nào chuyến bay đến Paris bị hoãn
Airport in France currently on strike No wonder the flight to Paris gets postponed

Airports in France are on strike. No wonder the flight to Paris gets postponed.

In Vietnamese, Thảo nào + a strange weather event (rain/storm/blizzard) is used to express incredulity when someone does something (nice) that he/she normally doesn’t do.

Hôm nay chị ấy vào bếp nấu ăn. Thảo nào trời mưa to
Today she come into the kitchen cook eat No wonder it rains big

Today she comes into the kitchen and cook. No wonder (why) it’s raining heavily! (the rarity of her cooking causes it to rain :))


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