The more… the more in Vietnamese – càng… càng


In Vietnamese, càng… càng… is similar to “the more… the more…” in English. Càng is placed before a verb or an adjective. Its usage is similar to its English equivalent.

Càng đi bộ lâu chúng ta càng khát nước
the more walk long (time) we the more thirsty water
The longer we walk, the thirstier we get.
Trời càng nóng thì xoài càng sai quả
sky more hot then mango more fruitful

The hotter the weather becomes, the more fruits the mango (tree) bear.

càng xa càng nhớ
the more far the more (to) miss
The further (you’re away), the more (I) miss (you)
Càng ngày means “the more time passes…” (ngày means “day). It can be used at the beginning of a sentence or as an adverb before the verb.
Càng ngày giá cả càng tăng
The more time passes price more increase
The more time passes, the higher the price rises.
Bạch Tuyết càng ngày càng xinh đẹp
Snow White the more time passes more beautiful
The more time passes, the more beautiful Snow White becomes.
“Ngày càng” is similar, but it means “increasingly.” It can be placed at the beginning of a sentence or before the verb. It is more formal and used more in written Vietnamese.
Học sinh ngày càng ít coi trọng việc viết chữ đẹp
Students increasingly little have regard for job/business write handwriting nice

Students have increasingly little regard for (the business of) nice handwriting. (They don’t think much about having nice, legible handwriting)


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  1. Omg, I kid you not: I was thinking of asking you about “Càng” earlier today when I was driving to school because I wondered if there’s a sentence with just one “Càng” in it (with the exception of ngày càng). hahaha

    so can there be a sentence with just one “càng”?

  2. haha ok
    usually you can delete càng in the first sentence

    có gió, lửa càng bốc to –> with wind, the fire blew even bigger (from
    đến gần Tết, anh lại càng nhớ gia đình –> Tet comes, he misses his family (even) more

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