Go ahead, jump off the cliff!


Use cứ when you want to say “go ahead (and do something)” in Vietnamese. It is placed before the verb: cứ + verb.

Nếu anh cần máy tính thì cứ mượn nhé!
If you need computer then go ahead borrow

If you need a computer, (feel free to) go ahead and borrow (mine).

Em cứ ăn cơm trước đi!
You go ahead eat rice before

You go ahead and eat (before me)!

Anh cứ đi ngủ đi!
You (male) go ahead go sleep

You go ahead and sleep.

Chúng tôi cứ đi xem căn hộ được không?
We go ahead go see apartment ok?

Is it ok if we go ahead and take a look at the apartment?

Mọi người cứ đi vào trong nhà đã!
Everyone go ahead go into inside house first!
Everyone, go ahead and get inside the house first! (suppose a group of friends go to visit a friend’s place but not everyone is there yet, the house’s owner may say this to invite everyone inside and don’t have to wait for the last person to show up)


cứ việc is similar, but it implies that since something is so obvious, you should just go ahead and do it.

Đã trả tiền nhà rồi thì cứ việc dọn vào
Did pay money house already then go ahead move in

If you paid the rent already, then go ahead and move in.


Other grammar structures used in this lesson:

nhé and đi are placed at the end of a sentence to make a command. You can review here.

đã is used at the end of a sentence to say that you must do something fist, before doing something else. You can review here.

Nếu… thì means “If… then…” You can review here.

rồi means “already.” You can review here.

được không? means “is it okay (to do something)?”. The review is here.


2 responses »

  1. Can “cứ” be used to mean “continue” as in “Cứ đi thẳng” (Keep going straight.)??

    I also have two other translation help:

    1) How do I say something like “Oh, I didn’t mean it.” or “What I meant was…”

    2) What does “e rằng” mean?

  2. yes, keep going straight is correct

    1. “oh I didn’t mean it” = ý em/anh/… ko phải thế (literally “my idea/opinion is not like that)
    “what I meant was…” = ý em/anh/ là … (literally “my idea/opinion is…)

    2. e rằng = to be afraid that
    i’m afraid that it’s too late = tôi e rằng đã quá muộn rồi
    i’m afraid that the library is already closed = tôi e rằng thư viện đóng cửa mất rồi

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