Don’t do something!… in Vietnamese


“Don’t” in Vietnamese is đừng. You put in in front of the verb just like in English.

Đừng mua cái đó!
Don’t buy that thing!
Don’t buy that!
Đừng cho muối vào cà phê
Don’t put salt into coffee
Don’t put salt into coffee!
Đừng hút thuốc lá
Don’t smoke cigarette
Don’t smoke!
Xin đừng quên tôi
Please don’t forget me!
Đừng giả vờ không sợ ma
Don’t pretend not scared of ghosts
Don’t pretend not to be scared of ghosts!
Đừng can also be used with “feeling” adjectives such as “happy, sad, worried, etc.”
Đừng buồn
Don’t be sad
Đừng lo
Don’t worry

Đừng can also be used with certain “action” adjectives. For example

Đừng keo kiệt quá
Don’t (be) stingy too

Don’t be too stingy!

Đừng dại dột dùng ma túy
Don’t foolish use drugs
Don’t be foolish and use drugs!

6 responses »

  1. So how would you translate the following:
    “Don’t do that on purpose?”
    “I didn’t! It was an accident.”

  2. Oops! Drop the question mark on the “Don’t do that on purpose” haha. I meant to put an exclamation mark!

  3. Chào “seahorse viet”! Cảm ơn nhiều lắm–các bài tập tiếng Việt trong blog nay giúp tôi rất nhiều! Ilene

  4. don’t do that on purpose = đừng cố tình làm thế or đừng cố ý làm thế (cố ý implies you did something mean / bad )
    I didn’t = [em/anh/how you call yourself] + không có (literally “I don’t have”)
    it was an accident = [em/anh/how you call yourself] + làm nhầm (literally “I did a mistake”)

    accident is tai nạn in Vietnamese, but tai nạn means traffic accident or natural disaster

  5. you always ask good questions btw

    I’m still planning for the “popular common useful phrases” that you suggested
    I’m looking for a book that has all the common useful English phrases and then translate it into Vietnamese
    I hope I find it somewhere but I don’t have as much time to search as before 😦

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