It’s up to You!


… and today we’ll learn how to say “It’s up to you!” in Vietnamese! You have no excuse any more 🙂

The word to remember is tùy, which means “depending on” or “up to …”

Tùy + person –> up to that person

Chúng mình ăn bây giờ? Tùy anh, ăn gì cũng được
We eat what now? Up to you, eat anything will do

(friends discussing what food to order) What should we eat (now)? Up to you, anything will do.

Tùy + noun –> depend on that choice / selection

Phở ngon hay dở tùy tiệm (ăn)
Noodle tasty or bad depends on the restaurant
Whether phở is good or bad is up to the restaurant

Tùy ý literally means “up to your liking / opinion”

Em muốn mua tùy ý
You want buy anything up to you
You can buy anything you like (you just won a lottery, apparently :))
Hôm nào chúng ta đi pic nic? Còn tùy xem thời tiết thế nào
Which day we go picnic? Still depend watch weather how
When do we go picnic? Depends on what the weather is like

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