How to Do Something by Yourself in Vietnamese


For those independent Do-It-Yourself-er among us, here for you: how to do things by yourself in Vietnamese 🙂

tự + verb

verb (+ object) + một mình

Ông ấy tự sửa mái nhà
He by himself fix roof house

He fixes the roof (by) himself.

Họ tự học tiếng Việt
They by themselves learn Vietnamese

They teach themselves Vietnamese.

sống một mình trong rừng
She (old lady) live by herself at inside forest

She lives by herself in the forest (guess whose grandma this is!)

Chị Hai đi chợ một mình từ sáng sớm
Sister Hai (the oldest sister) go to the market by herself from morning early

Sister Hai went groceries shopping at the market by herself from early morning.

Tôi thích tự may quần áo lấy
I like by myself sew clothes

I like to sew my own clothes.

DIY spirit is good pretty much most of the time, save this one below, because it’s quite lonely 😦

Tôi phải ngồi viết blog dạy tiếng Việt một mình.

Someone gives me a response to that one 🙂


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  1. chào “Seahorse Viet”–

    Tôi tiếp tư học tiếng Việt với các bài học này–cảm ơn!

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