Pronunciation – Vietnamese Consonant Clusters


Vietnamese Consonant Clusters

 10 consonant clusters

Consonant clusters Similar sound in English Example
Ch Ch in cheese cha (father) chảo (a pan)
Gh G in go ghế (a chair) ghét (to hate)
Gi Z in zoo (North)
Y in you (South)
già (old) giá (price; bean sprout)
Kh không (no, number 0) khô (to be dry)
Ng Nguyễn (a last name) ngủ (to sleep)
Ngh nghịch (to be naughty) nghề (a career)
Nh nhà (a house) nho (grape)
Ph F in fan phở (noodle) phố (a street)
Th Th in this thơ (a poem) thở (to breath)
Tr Tr in train trà (tea) trẻ (to be young)

Similar sounding consonants:

Vietnamese has many consonants that sound the same but written with different letters.
– C and K

– D, Gi, and R r

– Ch and Tr (in the North)

– G and Gh

– Ng and Ngh

– S and X (in the North)


– I leave the “Similar sound in English” box blank if I can’t find similar English sounds for a Vietnamese consonant.


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