March 11 – Japan one year after the earthquake


March 11, one year after the earthquake in Japan.

In my Japanese class today, our Japanese teacher talked a little bit about how bad Japan current situation is.
The weather forecast now includes a radiation level report for each city, each town everyday.
It’s really sad.
The Economist (magazine) also runs an article this week on Japan about how the government was slow and unresponsive to the people’s need, how aid doesn’t arrive to those in need, and how the affected had to fend for themselves.
This happens in Japan, not a third world country.

From what I read about their daily life, about the description of the deserted towns, the survivor’s stories and their guilt, it is all the horror apocalyptic manga (Japanese comic) that I ever read had come to life. The people there long have the notion that Japan is living on borrowed time, and that one day a catastrophe will end it all.

My heart goes out to the people in Japan. Keep on fighting! がんばれ


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