Learn Vietnamese by Reading Comics?


Just curious: what if I scrap the (long, boring) lesson format I’ve been using up to now and switch to learning Vietnamese with comics instead?

Writing those long boring lessons feels like a pain in the neck as I have to sit at the computer and feel like I’m writing academic papers due tomorrow.

My only problem is where to find a steady supply of comics to teach from :))

It’s a whole lot more fun for me and you both, and the “lesson” quality won’t be any less (but most likely a lot more jumbled due to quality of comics).

Here’s what you can do to help out: send me stuff that you read (name of books, stories) and watch (movies, music, TV).

If it’s fun, it’ll make the list and appear up here to teach others Vietnamese.

Apply this 1 minute rule when sending me stuff:

For TV and movies, I’ll do anything less than 1 minute (maybe a cut of the full show, the part which you find interesting or don’t understand – I can probably download and cut)

Reading stuff: preferably something we can read in less than 1 minute.

Also, I just converted to the AJATT method of acquiring foreign languages. Really fun. Head over to his blog & check it out!


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  1. It sounds great! I watch the American sitcom Friends quite often and there are a lot of funny things I’d like to know how to be said in Vietnamese. I’ll send some stuff when I have time- lately I’ve been busy.

  2. I think it would be nice, with maybe a few of the standard variety thrown in if a topic might require a little more depth?

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