For Our Resident Vegeterian


For the vegetarian searching for food in Vietnamese, hopefully this will be of some help to you. This lesson covers how to ask if something is vegetarian and where to get such food.
1. đồ chay
Vegeterian dish

2. Ăn chay (eat vegetables)
Eat vegetarian

3. Rau

4. Thịt

5. Ăn mặn (eat salty)
Everything else

6. Món này nấu từ gì? (dish this cooked from what?)
What’s in this food?

7. Bánh này nhân gì? (cake this filling what?)
What is the filling in this cake?

8. Món này có thịt không? (dish this has meat no?)
Does this dish have meat?

9. Tiệm này có đồ chay không? (restaurant has vegetarian dish no?)
Does this restaurant has vegetarian dish?

10. Tiệm nào có đồ chay? (restaurant which has vegetarian food?)
Which restaurant has vegetarian food?

Side note: it can be as difficult to find a vegetarian dish or restaurant in Vietnam as in the US. Some locals ăn chay on ngày rằm (full moon) and mùng một (first day of lunar month) in observance of Buddist tradition (no killing of other animals). Except nhà sư (Buddist monk), most people do not ăn chayon a daily basis as far as I know.
Good thing about đồ chay in Vietnam? At least they don’t concoct bizarre expensive “vegetarian” “beef”, “pork”, and “chicken” from a mix of by products and chemicals as they do here in the US (*glaring at Whole Foods*).
Not so good thing about Vietnam? Vegetables and fruits there are sprayed full of pesticide. The locals wash their veggies 3 times carefully before eating. When in Vietnam, do as the locals do 🙂
The organic movement is not strong in Vietnam yet.


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  1. My cousin’s wife started to eat vegetarian few years ago. I don’t know why. Moreover, she also “đọc kinh” ( sorry, I don’t know this word in English^^) every evening.

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