What does that taste like?


Vietnamese food name? Can’t help you there. You gotta eat it to remember the name.
Head over to a Viet food blog like Wandering Chopsticks or Miss Adventure at Home for your eye candy (and maybe idea for your next culinary adventure).

How to describe the taste of what you just ate? That I can help you with.
1. ngon tasty, delicious. Compliment your Vietnamese host profusely with ngon quá! if you’re invited to a home cooked meal. Ví dụ (example of food ): phở, bánh mì
2. dở not tasty, bad. Ví dụ: ???
3. mặn salty. Ví dụ: nước mắm Viet fish sauce (people use it to season almost anything Viet food), muối salt , xì dầu soy sauce
4. ngọt sweet. Ví dụ: kẹo candy , đường sugar , nước ngọt carbonated beverage like Coke, pepsi, bánh ngọt cake
5. chua sour . Ví dụ: chanh lemon / lime, dấm vinegar
6. cay spicy. Ví dụ: ớt chili , tương ớt chili sauce, hạt tiêu pepper, bún bò Huế
7. đắng bitter . Ví dụ: cà phê coffee, dưa đắng / quả khổ qua bitter melon

8. nóng hot. Food that you eat hot: phở
9. lạnh cold. Food that you eat cold . Ví dụ: kem ice cream
10. nguội cooled down, cold food. Ví dụ: bánh mì Viet sandwich

Cooked or raw food:
11. chín cooked
12. chưa chín food that is not fully cooked yet, not finished cooking yet.
13. sống raw, fresh. Sushi!
14. tươi fresh (as opposed to food gone bad)

Food gone bad:
15. hỏng rồi (already)!
16. thiu rồi!

To say that a food has a lot of this taste, use food name + taste (adjective) + quá!
To say that it doesn’t have this taste: food name + không + taste (adjective)
To say that the taste is weak: food name + thiếu (lack) + taste (adjective)

Suppose you know what trứng vịt lộn tastes like, how would you describe it?
Ăn trứng vịt lộn có ngon không?

oẹ is the sound of someone throwing up in Vietnamese and is the burping sound. Neither is considered polite in Vietnam 🙂



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