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I’m dusting the blog just in time to celebrate May 1, International Worker’s Day, on which, in my (shoddy) understanding, the Vietnamese celebrates hard-working-ness, a quality that I, as a Vietnamese, seem to lack, as evidenced by this blog’s recent sporadic posting.

I’m catching up with a boat load of work. Americans describe this situation as “under pressure”, “under a deadline”, and to solve it, people sometimes “pull an all nighter”. The reason I’m “under the water” in the first place is that I procrastinated, which is “nước đến chân mới nhảy” in Vietnamese (literally “jump only when water’s reached the feet) (to which people sometimes respond with “chết đi” or “đáng đời” which roughly means “you deserve it”)

Anyway, in the meantime, if you have time to kill and can read Vietnamese, head over to, the premier online news outlet in Vietnam for the past hundreds of years (in their own words: nguồn tin điện tử hàng đầu Việt Nam trong vòng vài trăm năm qua). Great source of amusement. I usually double over laughing after reading their “news”.

I’m thinking of starting Intermediate Vietnamese in the summer. Same format as last year beginner series. Simple explanation of grammar with a supersized generous helping of examples.

Have fun! Work hard! And remember Mother’s Day is May 15. The one I need to remind the most is myself :))


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  1. My best friend who is Vietnamese laughed at me when I asked if its difficult to learn Vietnamese. She’s right…I learned some words, which was so difficult. You’re brave for trying to learn Vietnamese!

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