The Scariest People On Earth



The players in this comic includes:
Mỹ American
Nhật Japanese
Nga Russia
Tàu Chinese (Tàu is the somewhat derogatory term to refer to Chinese people. Other more respectful terms are Trung Quốc or Trung Hoa)
Việt Nam
The polite, proper way to refer to the people of a country is người + country name. Example: người Mỹ, người Việt, người Nga.
In this case, người was dropped because of the casual vibe.
The pronoun that was used was thằng. Thằng is a derogatory pronoun to refer to a third person (male) when you look down on that person.
The last pronoun in this comic is , which means “it” or “they”. in Vietnamese can be used when you talk about things, animals, or people.

The verb to know is sợ to fear
The comparison grammar is (feeling) verb / adjective + nhất — verb / adjective + most
Sợ nhất means “to fear the most”
(other example: lo nhất – worry the most, đói nhất – the hungriest)

Let’s put it together:
Mỹ sợ thằng Nhật vì nó… Americans fear the Japanese the most because they…
Mỹ sợ thằng Nga vì nó…
Mỹ sợ thằng Tàu vì…
Nhưng Mỹ sợ Việt Nam nhất vì… But Americans fear the Vietnamese the most because they…

The next 2 verbs to know are nói to speak and làm to do.
Now here’s why Americans are fearful: note that all these expressions are common sayings.
(Nhật) nói là làm Japaneses do (exactly) what they say (immediately)
(Nga) không nói gì mà vẫn làm Russians do it without saying anything
(Tàu) làm rồi mới nói Chinese did it already then announce
And here’s why Americans fear the Vietnamese the most (nhưng Mỹ sợ Việt Nam nhất vì…)
nói một đằng làm một nẻo say they will do something but then actually do something else totally different

Question: Now that you know, do you want to have a Vietnamese on your team? 🙂


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