Movie: Cô dâu đại chiến – Battle of the Brides


I came across this comedy movie while “researching” for “teaching materials” for my new class.

It’s hilarious and for all of those who need to ask, you’ll learn a ton of dating vocabulary while watching this movie. Anyone who asks me “how to say “I love you” in Vietnamese” from now on will be referred to watching this movie Cô dâu đại chiến. Cô dâu is a bride. Đại chiến is a big war. The movie is about a Don Juan type getting slaughtered by all of his homicidal exes.

Hilarity aside, I can’t tell the girls from one another. They all look like one to me.

A few other recent titles that I’ve heard to be good include action-thriller Bẫy rỗng (literally Dragon Trap), comedy Để mai tính (literally Decide tomorrow), Người Mỹ trầm lặng (The Quiet American).

HTV 9, a TV station in Vietnam produces a lot of TV series, but they’re not to my taste, so it was painfully boring for me to watch. Thank God I don’t have to use them as “teaching materials.” The upside of those TV series is that they’re all native speaker (Southern accent) and the language is up to date, not some ridiculous monotone robot type recording that I listened to in another book. For listening purpose, just YouTube HTV 9 titles such as “Hoàng tử xấu trai” (Ugly prince), “Cuộc chiến hoa hồng” (Rose War), “Vũ khí sắc đẹp” (Beauty weapons), Tiểu thư Lọ Lem (Miss Cinderella), Những cô nàng độc thân làm mẹ (Young, single mom), etc. Each of these series has several episodes, worth many hours of audio. If I ever feel like combing through them for the audio…


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