What happens in Vietnam stays in Vietnam, thankfully!


My friend just shared with me this photo, which I just have to share with you guys.
Background: Roads in Vietnam are notoriously badly constructed (even by the local standards), do not handle excessive water well, and become the butt of many local jokes.


The caption in the first photo reads:
Đường của Nhật Bản sau động đất.
And the second one reads:
Đường của Việt Nam sau mưa.

Đường is a street or road
của of
Nhật Bản Japan
You guys know Việt Nam 🙂
sau after
động đất earthquake (động as a verb means “to jostle,” đất means “land” (or “ground, dirt, or soil”)
mưa rain

It is my duty to inform all unaware travelers in Vietnam of inherent perils on the way. Beware during the rainy season (now)!


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