Failed – Looking for Vietnamese Audio Teaching Materials


Much to my chagrin, most of the Vietnamese TV series that I found on YouTube have unbearably painful monotone dialogues (I only lasted 5 minute watching them).
I cannot, cannot use something so boring as teaching materials.
Learning a foreign language is hard work, but to top it with excruciatingly dull conversations can really kill all the enthusiasm for good.

Gotta change my approach somehow. I want to use only authentic, exciting audio for my class (per the Pop Up Chinese approach).
The fall semester is coming up and I really need enough teaching materials for a few months.
I will most likely post my class content here under the title Absolute Beginner.
And we will have audio to spar this time around. 🙂

PS: I listened to audio CDs that came with the textbooks before. They were the same quality as those textbooks, or worse. (If those textbooks were any good, I wouldn’t have started this website in the first place). The “dialogues” were so forced and robotic that if one learned from those CDs and spoke like them, no Vietnamese speaker would ever understand.
One of those unfortunate book and CDs were Beginner’s Vietnamese by Mynh Nghiem Boventer. If you know Vietnamese, you’ll see the problem right away.


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  1. Great! I agree: the currently available online Vietnamese audio resources are rather meagre. Look forward to seeing what you create! Chúc may mắn! Chào nhé!

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