Week 1 Audio – Hello at the Vet!


This is the first in class listening exercise that we did in my (absolute) beginner Vietnamese class.

In the first audio clip, you can listen for how people say hello in Vietnamese, the common Viet greeting (“where are you going?”). In the second clip, listen for how to say your name in Vietnamese. The transcript and word-by-word translation are provided below. To download the files, right click on the link and choose “Save Link As…”

I cut out this clip from an YouTube comedy which is posted at the end of the lesson (no subtitle though :(). Since it’s a comedy, it will be somewhat melodramatic. Actual spoken Vietnamese is more mellow than this clip.

Hi, where are you going?

Girl: Chào anh
Guy: Chào em
Girl: Anh đi đâu giờ? – Where are you going?
Guy: À, anh đi khám bệnh – I’m going for a check up
Girl: Ủa, ở đây khám thú, chứ có khám người đâu anh? – This is the vet’s, not the doctor’s?

Anh đi đâu giờ?
You go where now?
À anh đi khám bệnh
Ah I go check disease
Ủa ở đây khám thú chứ khám người đâu anh?
here check pet but not check human you?

What is your dog’s name?

Guy: Con chó em tên gì zậy? – What is your dog name?
Girl: Nó tên là Mina. – Its name is Mina
Guy: Tên Mina
Girl: Ủa, còn anh tên gì? – How about your name?
Guy: Anh cũng tên Mina – I’m also named Mina

Con chó em tên vậy?
Dog you name what
tên Mina
It name is Mina
Ủa, còn anh tên gì?
Oh how about you name what
Anh cũng tên Mina
I also name Mina

One response »

  1. Thanks for this! It’s actually pretty funny (in a Paris by Night sort of way). I have a few questions though:

    1. How is “chứ” used in Vietnamese? Is it only used like “rather?” I see it a lot, but it seems like it has a bunch of different functions.

    2. When the guy in the video is talking to the girl, he says he wishes that he could become her dog because I think he says that all day he could be “ôm ấp,” “chiều chuộng” and “rờ….[something]” by her. I get the gist of what he’s saying, but what is the second part of that word?

    Thanks so much!

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