Beauty, the Beast, and the Laundry List – Part 1/2


This is the first part of a 2-part lesson on how to describe people.
This first lesson concentrates on pure flattery 🙂



1. Đẹp – beautiful
2. Đẹp trai – handsome
3. Xinh (xắn) – pretty
4. Dễ thương – cute
5. Cao – tall
6. Gầy – skinny
7. Mảnh mai / thon thả – thin, slender
Further along this lesson, you will note that I list few words under Beauty / Appearance. It’s not because Vietnamese doesn’t appreciate beauty, it’s because “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and the beholders these days decides that beauty is “đẹp, cao, gầy.” To describe a Victoria’s Secret model, just add “số đo 3 vòng chuẩn” (perfect 3 size measurement).

Personality / Characteristics
1. Hiền – nice, mellow, docile
2. Vui vẻ / vui tính – a cheerful character
3. Dễ chịu – pleasant
4. Dễ tính – easy going
5. Cởi mở, thân thiện – open, friendly
6. Mặt mũi sáng sủa – bright looking person
7. Tốt bụng – kind, nice
8. Thích học hỏi – inquisitive (like to learn)
9. Ưa mạo hiểm – adventurous
10.Nữ tính – feminine, girly
11. Nam tính – masculine, manly
12. Thông minh – clever
13. Nhanh nhẹn – get things done fast
14. Tháo vát – resourceful
15. Quân tâm đến mọi người – caring (about everyone)
16. Sạch sẽ – clean, tidy
17. Gọn gàng – neat
18. Ngoan – obedient

Anyway, now that we have all the vocab, let’s try it on some people by describing them (hopefully without stepping on anyone’s toes in the process).Shrek and Fiona
We’ll learn to talk about Shrek in the next lesson. For now, let’s test the new vocab on Fiona 🙂
In case you don’t know Fiona, for this exercise, describe someone whom you like very much.


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