Cố gắng học tiếng Việt!


Bi hài chuyện Tây học tiếng Việt

I ran across this article on Dan Tri online news site and have been doubling over laughing.
If you don’t know enough Vietnamese yet, just Google Translate and join in on the fun.
The article is about hilarious misuses and mistakes that students make when studying Vietnamese.
The article’s title translates into something as “schadenfreude when foreigners learn Vietnamese”.

I have to say, it’s refreshing to see how inconsistent Vietnamese is as a language from the perspective of a language student. Learning a language is as much as learning its culture and there’s bound to be something that cannot be translated across different cultures and just plainly bamboozles the newcomers.

For everyone out there still struggling or feeling embarrassed when something goes wrong in Vietnamese, take it easy, have a laugh, have fun. It’s just a language. You’ll get there eventually!


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