Vietnamese grammar is relatively simple compared to other languages. There is no conjugation of plural / singular subject (like English), no difference between male & female words (like French & Spanish), no 17 different tenses like Czech. In fact, it is so simple that in each lesson, I can explain one structure at a time without having you learned any other Vietnamese grammar before!

The below is the directory for the old grammar lessons. I’m re-writing some lessons and the new ones can be found at Lesson 1-20 and Lesson 21-40.

You can jump into any lesson that interests you. The number in front of each lesson is for me to keep track of things. All lessons are currently at beginner’s level.

  1. Basic Sentence Structure
  2. Simple Questions
  3. To be – Là
  4. This/that – Đây/đó – cái này/cái kia
  5. What? cái gì / gì?
  6. Who? Whom? Whose? … ai?
  7. Why? Because… so… Tại sao…? Tại vì… (cho) nên
  8. Where? … ở đâu?
  9. When? Bao giờ / khi nào…?
  10. How?… như thế nào?
  11. How much? How many?… mấy? bao nhiêu?
  12. Which?… nào/gì?
  13. How to Address People and Yourself
  14. Pronouns
  15. Past, present, future tense – đã, đang, sẽ, định, mới
  16. Very – quá, rất, lắm
  17. in order to – để
  18. Cho – for someone – give someone something
  19. Comparative & Superlative Adjective
  20. If… then… Nếu… thì
  21. Have you ever…? Có… bao giờ chưa?
  22. Can – able to – Có thể… được
  23. Let’s… make a command – nhé/đi
  24. know – know how to – biết
  25. How far…? Cách bao xa?
  26. What time? Mấy giờ?
  27. Anybody, somebody, nobody – ai
  28. Permission: is it ok to do something? … được không?
  29. Chưa – yet – rồi – already – then
  30. about to do something – sắp… chưa?
  31. There is… There are… Có
  32. Nouns – describe things with adjectives and nouns
  33. Nouns – possession – what belongs to whom – của

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