This site is a work in progress which mostly serves as a reference guide to Vietnamese grammar and some vocabulary point in no particular order.

You can jump into whichever lesson that seems the most interesting or most useful to you.

The easiest and most basic lessons are generally posted in the first few months of this blog (which you can get to by using the right side drop down menu).

Sometimes you will see a number before the title of the lesson. The number does not indicate the order in which you should study the lesson. It was for me to keep track of things when I was writing.

If you’re confused about something, need more information, want to request a lesson, or have a suggestion, etc. leave a comment on the lesson, here, or email me at seahorseviet at

I don’t bite but I can’t promise to answer right away.

Sometimes life gets in the way of things.

If I had all the resources I need, I’d develop the one-stop shop for everything that concerns the Vietnamese language and make it super-fun to learn Vietnamese.

But I’m only one person, and bills don’t pay themselves 🙂

Eventually we’ll get there.

Until then, keep studying & have some fun doing it!


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